Penetration Testing

Smart testing of your network system loopholes

Penetration Testing

Your system security weaknesses can get exploited by an attacker and it can lead to the access to your sensitive assets. It can be stopped by doing the Penetration testing.

This type of testing can reveal the drawbacks of the network designed for your business and how it can give an easy path to the invader to backend data and systems. Penetration testing can also be helpful in spotting the individual weaknesses as well.

If you ask OSPL for Penetration testing, then we start with assessing the weakest link of your application infrastructure or network along with checking the other possible areas where attacker can register its presence.

Penetration testing done by our experts can change the whole scenario. We increase the licenses on entry points & pivot the valuation for determining that any other system can get subsequently aimed or breached.

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Penetration testing

We can customize for your comfort

  • Penetration tests for internal and external networks for assessing vulnerabilities in services and operating system
  • Wireless Penetration Testing
  • Application Penetration Testing
  • Revealing the attack paths across multiple layers of infrastructure with help of Cross-vector testing
  • Checking the vulnerability of end-user to threats regarding social engineering and phishing with help of Client-side penetration testing