Security Assessment

Thorough assessment of possible threats to your IT security

Security Assessment

You work attentively to diminish numerous threats to your IT security, but sometimes it needs a better care than the usual. Security assessment by experts can serve you with critical insight and also the data you require for developing peerless strategy regarding cyber security.

Our experts recognize and measure the risks, and check the efficiency of existing security controls. A smartly performed security assessment assists you in taking better decisions regarding your existing technology, prospective new investments, and finest approach towards the risk management of your enterprise depending on your business targets and environment.

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OSPL is one of the emerging names in IT industry. We are growing well with our immensely dedicated and skilled team. Experts here have deep sense of security space. Experts at OSPL can serve you remarkably well for filling the gaps if you are running out of resources, expertise regarding assessment of security initiatives.

OSPL security assessment services consist of: –

  • Deeply analysing the current risk status in comparison to peer organizations, compliance needs, and leading practices
  • Reconciling the current controls
  • Spotting and analysing the risk related to information assets
  • Analysing the merits and demerits of the current defence structure
  • Weakness examination from attacker’s perspective
  • Synchronising your risk management structure with your business and security targets
  • Spotting the operation areas where risk level can be unavoidable